We have a strong culture of ongoing skills development and diversification and thrive on applying ourselves to constantly changing property environments. As a smaller firm we are able to make decisions quickly and are frequently rewarded by delivering value and exceptional service for our clients, stakeholders and partners.

Our strengths include:

  • an ability to quickly form recommendations and make decisions, with ultimate responsibility and authority sitting with only a few key personnel
  • solid negotiation and relationship building skills
  • absolute commitment to integrity, transparency and trustworthiness
  • decades of experience in the sectors of the property market in which we repeatedly undertake projects has resulted in a detailed and thorough knowledge at a commercial level, which combined with Ian’s experience as a property lawyer, provides a one-stop shop for the majority of our projects
  • a full understanding of the commerciality and viability of all projects with strict feasibility analysis
  • the ability to operate across a wide range of both property and fringe-property enterprises, easily moving with market trends and being able to do so with minimal delay from protracted decision making and complex administrative processes