Government initiatives to increase the supply of affordable housing for the Sydney region have resulted in robust land subdivision and house and land packaging markets.

In response to the continuing demand for low and medium density housing, particularly in the more affordable price brackets, the NSW Government established two Growth Centre Precincts on the outskirts of the Sydney basin.

The 3 Gems of Sydney

Significant capital investment by both the private and public sector has seen large parts of North West Sydney and South West Sydney undergo strong population and infrastructure growth. The recent commitment to the new Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek added significant weight to an already demonstrated business case and will be a major source of employment and commerce with the impact already apparent. The federal Government’s vision of transforming Sydney into a location comprising 3 city hubs – Sydney CBD, Parramatta and a new more cohesive Western Sydney – with each to provide residents with places of work, education, living and amenity is rapidly becoming a reality.

We have established a solid reputation as active participants in the land release sector at all levels from site amalgamation, authority approvals, production of new residential land lots and house and land packaging.

To best match project scale to our internal resource and funding capacity, we often joint venture or partner with known and trusted parties and in some cases, with land owners.

Whilst the greater Sydney region has been our most active land subdivision market, similar opportunities have been identified in other locations and provide us with a further level of diversification.